Writers gotta write, right?


And you don’t have to write alone.

Come join us, or rather, ‘write in’ with us. We plop our laptops and notebooks down for a few hours at libraries, coffee shops, and restaurants in the Peoria area.  It might look a little funny–any number of people furiously typing away at a cluster of tables,  headphones on, coffee in hand.

But it works. Write-ins are lots and lots of fun.

You can come and go as you please. We’ll encourage you, cheer you on, or commiserate with you if your story isn’t going the way it should. We try our best to choose locations with wi-fi and convenient electricity, to make sure you can plug in and get working.

Want to come? Great, we’d love to have you. Just take a gander at our etiquette and expectations, and keep these write-in specific guidelines in mind:

We’re here to write. Write-ins are work events, so come with a project and don’t be alarmed if we act more like caffeine drones than human beings. Discussions are best kept to a minimum, and focused on writing.

Wearing headphones is a NanoWriMo-specific signal–it means ‘I need to be left alone so I can work.’ If you have a question that simply can’t wait, ask an ML–we don’t mind helping, and we’ll hop right back to writing after we find you an answer.

Come join us! Write-ins are a low key way to meet with other writers and experience NaNoWriMo.