writerly energy

We had our monthly meeting last Monday.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay the whole time.


It was still an awesome meeting. New faces, varied backgrounds, many projects. I enjoyed meeting each one of you and hearing your stories, what you’re working on, hearing your processes.

The forty minutes or so I was there was a big jolt to my writerly energy. There’s something about getting writers together to talk about writing–story planning, editing, publishing–that makes me feel like I can totally conquer my next story.

Which is good, because I’ve promised my readers they are getting that story in the next six weeks.

Thank you, dear writer-types, for this gift of energy. I’m doing my best to use it wisely (though the universe conspired against me earlier this week when my keyboard broke. I’m not letting that slow me down, though! I’ve been writing in a notebook). I’m working on a first draft, which is kinda fun to get all messy and ink-blobby onto paper. It’s a good feeling. I’m energized and ready to write.

I hope you’ve got some good vibes and lots of enthusiasm. How are you using your writerly energy this weekend?


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